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Atraes Australia
Australian Tree & Rope Access Equipment Specialists

With representation in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia,“ATRAES” is recognised as Australia’s largest network of arborist equipment suppliers. With the input of each state, the team is able to boast the most comprehensive and diverse range, with all products carefully selected from the best manufacturers world wide. “ATRAES” is in direct contact with all of its major suppliers, guaranteeing not only competitive pricing, but assurance that your valuable investments are well supported.  Regular visits to the manufacturers facilities in the USA have resulted in some of the most well known Arborist products on the Australian market. Products such as the now Australian Standards Compliant Aussie range of tree climbing harnesses by Buckingham, including the now AS Compliant Ergovation and Ergolite, and the recently released Arrow Climbing Line by Yale Cordage.

It is our aim to provide you our customer, with not only a world class online store that is full of great, quality and sometimes exclusive products, but a site full of information and news beneficial to your industry!

The “ATRAES” group of dealers have always prided themselves on their service and are committed to continuing to offer the customer a greater choice and better service than what was previously available.

Our list of supplies comprises the all the worlds leading Arborist Equipment Manufacturers. Brands include Buckingham, Yale Cordage, ISC,ART, Kask, Stein, Harrison Rocket, Gecko Climbers by Distel, SIP Protective clothing, Petzl, Tree Magineers, Rock Exotica, SRTE, Dale Jury, Pacific Helmetsand Edelrid.

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