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Select Solutions

Select Solutions is an innovative, adaptable and experienced provider of infrastructure asset management services. We partner with network owners in the essential infrastructure sector to help monitor, maintain and optimise the performance of their assets.  We specialise in the utilities and transport sectors and are a recognised leader in end to end metering connections across Australia.   Having grown from AusNet Services we have an understanding of the challenges faced by asset owners and have over 30 years’ experience and expertise.

Established in 2009, Select Solutions now has almost 1000 employees nationally and an annual turnover of approximately $300 million. Given the environments we operate in, we have a great appreciation of the importance to keep our people safe, along with the general public and the assets we are working with. Across our business we have embedded a safety culture program, mission Zero, which is a consideration in everything we do. We create value and drive improved business performance for all of our customers.


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