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Taylors Environmental Group



Setting New Standards in Tree Management 

Taylors Environmental Group is an Australian arboricultural company offering exceptional services in powerline clearing and professional tree and landscape management. 

We are a highly efficient team with the knowhow, equipment and safety record to complete projects of all sizes in a safe and timely manner, within budget and to the most rigorous standards. You can rely on Taylors to safeguard and enhance the landscapes that reflect your organisation. 


Services include:

                 • Powerline clearance
• Tree management and planting
• Site clearance
• Council/government work
• Vegetation consultancy
• Green waste management
• Tree and stump removal
• Vegetation management plans from 1 to 10 years

Our fully qualified arborists are employed by us and we have over 20 years of experience, so you’ll always deal with proficient staff. Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and constantly accessible to clients. 

Our broad range of clientele includes local councils, government bodies, schools, energy authorities, insurance companies, retirement villages, developers and hospitals.


Strongly Committed to Occupational Health & Safety 

Taylors Environmental Group understands that Occupational Health and Safety is paramount to the success and timely completion of your project. 

From ground staff through to line managers and OH&S coordinator, on-site safety audits to meticulous maintenance, we build exceptional OH&S standards into all levels of our business. The result is an excellent safety record. 


Staying current 

Regular audits of our worksites and regular inspections of plants, tools, equipment and workplace facilities are an essential part of our commitment. 

All our OH&S procedures are reviewed annually and fully integrated with industry bodies.

Taylors Environmental Group implements a Quality System Certified by QAS according to standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, PAS99:2012, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & AS/NZS 4801:2001

Taylors fully comply with all OH&S legislation, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, and Australian Standards 4801 (Safety Management Systems) and 4360 (Risk Management). We constantly update our policies in line with changing legislative requirements. 

We constantly update our policies in line with changing legislative requirements. 

To further protect your organisation we have public indemnity insurance, as well as public liability insurance. 

Accredited training 

All our employees complete an OH&S Training Program that equips them with the knowledge and skills to comply with legislative requirements and Taylors’ own rigorous standards. 

This knowledge is reinforced and extended by regular attendance at WorkSafe events and refresher courses from accredited trainers.


Expertise in Powerline Clearance 

Trees and vegetation growing close to powerlines can pose a threat to safety and potentially lead to bushfires, power outages or power surges. 

Electricity network operators, local councils, road operators or owner-occupiers are legally required to maintain safe clearance distances between vegetation and powerlines. 

Taylors Environmental Group has the capacity, expertise and specialised equipment to carry out quick, effective pruning and trimming of trees and vegetation around powerlines within regulatory buffer zones. 

We have the capability for fully mechanised clearing and mulching as well as manual hand clearing in specified areas and can assist with even the most challenging vegetation issues. 

All our powerline management staff have completed state-wide accredited training in safe limits of approach and clearance distances, and hold certificates in operating EWPs. They are fully trained to comply with all safety laws and regulations and to the electrical authority’s standards and VESI requirements. 

Powerline vegetation management and consulting services 

Taylors can provide proactive management of trees and vegetation around powerlines as a once-only clearance or in an ongoing capacity. Our professional arborists can also advise on the planting of appropriate species to minimise future hazards around powerlines. 

A broad range of services 

With Taylors you can be sure of a proficient service that covers every aspect of site and vegetation clearance, including:

                 • Aerial inspections and GIS mapping
• Data capture
• Tree Inventories
• Contract management
• Negotiation with stakeholders
• Strict conformance with all industry and client standards 

We also offer:

                 • Railway vegetation clearance
• Clearance of conservation areas and zones of limited access
• Onsite monitoring by qualified ecologists
• Timber mulching and stump grinding
• Restoring and replanting of cleared areas
• Site clearance in both metropolitan and rural areas 


Safe and Proficient Tree Surgery & Removal 

Taylors Environmental Group is your company of choice for timely tree pruning, confined-space tree removal, and the safe removal of hazardous and non-treatable trees. 

Taylors is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture Australia. For your protection, all staff comply with Australian standards 4373 (Pruning of amenity trees) and 4970 (Protection of trees on development sites). 


Superior tree pruning 

Tree pruning prolongs tree life, encourages new growth and can enable vehicle clearance. Pruning by our highly skilled arborists enhances both the visual appeal and long-term health of your trees. Services include:

                 • Maintenance and formative pruning
• Reduction and remedial pruning
• Crown lifting
• Fruit tree and palm pruning. 

Expert tree removal 

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Taylors provides large or small-scale removal of trees that are unsafe, damaged or when new landscaping is required. Our fully qualified climbers and tower operators specialise in the removal of large and dangerous trees and in accessing confined spaces.

High-grade mulch supplies 

In completing the recycling process, Taylors provides a high-quality mulch that reduces water costs, slows weed growth and enhances the quality of your soil. Taylors’ mulch is a blend of unprocessed natural woods sourced exclusively from our work as part of our commitment to green waste management. We can supply mulch whenever and wherever you need it, on a one-off or regular basis. 


Professional Tree Management & Consultancy 

A proactive approach to the health of trees and vegetation is the key to protecting the safety, amenity and visual appeal of your prized landscapes. 

Taylors Environmental Group’s highly trained arborists employ the latest biological processes and detection methods to maintain and enhance tree health, diagnose issues and ensure the safety of outdoor areas. 


Services include:

                 • Tree planning advice
• Tree and shrub planting
• Transplanting
• Possum banding
• Decay detection
• Tree maintenance programs.

Streamlined consultancy services 

Our professional consultancy services cut red tape and speed up the approval process, saving you time and money. 

We can assist your application by preparing expert arboricultural reports. If need be, our consultants can manage the entire application process from beginning to end. We also offer:

                 • Hazard assessments (damaged trees)
• Site analysis
• Master plans
• Tender submissions
• Insurance appraisals
• Ground and aerial assessments
• Tree surveys and inspections
• Periodic tree assessment

Specialised pest and disease management 

Pests and disease can weaken and lead to the untimely demise of trees, requiring costly treatment programs. 

Taylors uses state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technologies for accurate diagnosis and eradication of pests and disease including elm leaf beetle, sooty mould and psyllids. Programs are carried out exclusively by our fully qualified arborists.

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