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Our current Constitution was adopted at the 2010 May AGM held in Adelaide.  Further, this was the first time the association had the ISA approve our amended constitution since Australia became a Chapter of the ISA.  Approval for Arboriculture Australia's current constitution was approved in writing by the ISA Bylaws committee chairperson on 9th June 2010. 

Follow this link to download the final 2016 version of the Arboriculture Australia Constitution

Download the updated August 2017 version of the Arboriculture Australia Strategic Plan here.

Also at the 2010 May AGM the members voted in favor of amalgamation with the NAAA, the merger document can be viewed via this link ISAAC NAAA Merger Document 09-05-10 Final.pdf.

Annual General Meeting Documents

2017 Financial Statements
Agenda 2018 AGM Minutes
2016 Financial Statements

2017 AGM Minutes
2015 Financial Statements
Agenda 2016 AGM Minutes
2014 Financial Statements Agenda 2015 AGM Minutes
2013 Financial Statements Agenda 2014 AGM Minutes

2013 AGM

2012 Financial Statements


2013 AGM Minutes

2012 AGM

2011 Financial Statements


2012 AGM Minutes

2011 AGM

2010 Financial Statements


2011 AGM Minutes

ISAAC 2010


ISAAC AGM 2010 Agenda v2.pdf   ISAAC AGM 2010 Agenda.pdf

ISAAC AGM 2010 Minutes.pdf

ISAAC 2009

2009 ISAAC Audited Financial Statements.pdf

No AGM due to change of financial reporting to 1 Jan - 31 Dec.


ISAAC 2008

2008 ISAAC Audited Financial Statements.pdf

AGM/ISAAC AGM 2008 Agenda.pdf

ISAAC AGM 2008 Minutes.pdf

ISAAC 2007

2007 ISAAC Audited Financial Statements.pdf

ISAAC AGM 2007 Agenda.pdf

AGM/ISAAC AGM 2007 Minutes.pdf

ISAAC 2006


ISAAC AGM 2006 Agenda.pdf

ISAAC AGM 2006 Minutes.pdf

ISAAC 2005

  ISAAC AGM 2005 Agenda.pdf ISAAC AGM 2005 Minutes.pdf
ISAAC 2004   ISAAC AGM 2004 Agenda.pdf ISAAC AGM 2004 Minutes.pdf
ISAAC 2003    ISAAC AGM 2003 Agenda.pdf ISAAC AGM 2003 Minutes.pdf
ISAA 2002
  ISAA AGM 2002 Agenda.pdf
ISAA AGM 2002 Minutes.pdf
ISAA 2001   ISAA AGM 2001 Agenda.pdf
No record of AGM Minutes - Lost
ISAA 2000
  No record of AGM Agenda - Lost No record of AGM Minutes - Lost
ISAA 1999
  No record of AGM Minutes - Lost No record of AGM Agenda - Lost
ISAA 1998
  No record of AGM Agenda - Lost No record of AGM Minutes - Lost
ISAA 1997   No record of AGM Agenda - Lost ISAA AGM 1997 Minutes.pdf

NAAA meeting documents are currently not available. If you have historical NAAA documents we would like to have them for our records. Please contact us if you can help.

Other documents

Arboriculture Australia - Certificate of Registration can be download for reference if required


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