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Board of Directors

Chair ( to be announced )

Rob Fisher, Director
New South Wales

Rob started in the arboricultural industry 30 years ago, initially as a climber for a small arborist business, however Rob advanced quickly to Management and has been primarily working in the procurement, risk assessment, occupational health and contract management space since then.

During his career, Rob has gained extensive senior management experience and has worked closely with over 40 councils and government departments. Rob currently holds the position Contract Manager at Treeserve and has been a Director of Arboriculture Australia Ltd since 2016.

Bryan Gould, Director
Gold Coast, Queensland

Bryan has extensive experience in private enterprise and local government from various management roles in England, New Zealand and Australia.,Bryan initially started his career as a forester in 1973, undertaking forest thinning, felling and plantation maintenance in the United Kingdom. Bryan changed direction, embarking on tree surgery and amenity tree care as his core focus working largely for the Department of Environment and National Trust.

Bryan managed plant collections and a range of large- scale public parks and open spaces throughout his career.

Moving from the public sector into education in 2007, Bryan taught arboriculture and horticulture subjects to NZQA Level 3-4 certificate and Level 5 diploma students in New Zealand.,Bryan was a former President of the Arboricultural Association of Australia (AAA) and former President of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb).

Bryan holds postgraduate qualifications in Arboriculture/Horticulture and Environmental Management. His depth of industry experience as practitioner, manager and consultant enables him to make a valid contribution to the association. Bryan is currently a Trainer & Assessor for the AQF Level 5 Diploma of Arboriculture, working at Arbortrim Training Australia. Bryan joined the Board of Directors at Arboriculture Australia Ltd in 2016 and has been a Director ever since.

Marcus Lodge
South Australia

Marcus Lodge is the owner and director of Arborman Tree Solutions Pty Ltd and is well known throughout the Arboricultural Profession as a well-respected member of the industry.,Marcus has worked in the tree industry since 1985 during which time he’s been employed in the private sector and in Local Government and worked as a Self-Employed Contractor.

For the last 20 Marcus has been primarily working as a Consulting Arborist and is Director of Arborman Tree Solutions.

Marcus is also a Founding Member and former Chairman of the South Australian Society of Arboriculture (SASA), a Founding Member and former President of the International Society of Arboriculture - Australia Chapter (ISAAC) (now Arboriculture Australia), and is currently an Advisor to the Board of Arboriculture Australia Ltd.,The combination of Marcus’s qualifications and work with SASA, ISAAC, Local Government authorities and the private sector provides a well-rounded knowledge, background and an understanding of the issues associated with trees, the tree industry and the membership of Arboriculture Australia.

Adam Tom, Advisor

Adam spent his early years on the family farm falling out of trees and annoying the local wildlife. Upon completing his studies in Plant Sciences at UNE he moved to Brisbane in 1986 where he partied too much, slept too little and, when time allowed, managed the sourcing and transplant of mature trees and palms into domestic and commercial landscape projects for a large landscape construction company.

After several years of making money for other people, he decided to make some for himself and in 1992 began trading as ‘The Tree Doctor’ providing specialist tree care and consulting services.

Adam is owner and Principal Consultant of The Tree Doctor, a Brisbane based consulting and contracting provider providing tree care services to high-profile sites including the Queensland Cultural Centre and The ‘Dig Tree’ at Cooper Creek.,The Tree Doctor has completed some of the largest tree transplants undertaken in Australia. As Advisor to the Board of Directors Adam brings his considerable industry experience to Arboriculture Australia Ltd.

Robert Boyce, Treasurer

Info to come.


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