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Arboriculture Getting to the Top and Staying There Workshop

Pre-conference two-day masterclass (Saturday 29th-Sunday 30th April 2017) –
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Arboriculture:  getting to the top and staying there

By Jeremy Barrell (UK)

The UK is brimming with people, to the extent that every tree matters and yet every tree is under threat.  Managing trees in this built environment must be innovative because the challenges are so extreme, which is why it might be worth listening to Jeremy Barrell, who heads up one of the UK’s most successful tree consultancies.

This two-day masterclass delivered by Jeremy exclusively for Arboriculture Australia is a unique and one-off opportunity to find out how he did it, and what it takes to get to the top and stay there.  In his own words:  “In my early days, I had a thirst for knowledge that drove a relentless quest to discover as much as I could about trees.  As I near the end of my career, I now know enough for my focus to shift to passing on what I have found out so that experience is not lost to future generations.  I plan to spend my remaining years documenting that knowledge so that others can use it to their own advantage and, more importantly, to move arboriculture more rapidly on to a very bright future.

This will be a masterclass with a difference, limited to 20 delegates, on a first-come first-served basis.  Jeremy will lead the discussions within a framework of broad headings, but the thrust will be for delegates to probe and question as a means of maximising the insights for each individual.  The delegates will drive the detail of the discussion, so have your questions ready to makes sure you get the most out of the open exchanges.

The two days will be loosely organised under the headings of business management and acting as an expert witness, but the focus will be on the ingredients of success and failure that affect business performance in the real world.  The programme is ambitious, but that is the nature of the event and why it is over two days!  Topics will include the following, and of course, anything else that delegates wish to bring up:

The principle of marginal gains;  the psychology of writing;  court appearance checklist;  organisation and record keeping;  social media; intelligent analysis;  spectrums and ranges as visual tools; personal time management;  arrogance and confidence;  impartiality and independence;  managing greed and egos;  handling complaints;  building a reputation that lasts;  the importance of practical experience;  the folly of over-reliance on technical references; building a support team;  international networking;  training and more training;  a modern mindset;  public speaking;  attention to detail and checking;  service quality;  managing plans and CAD;  fell and replace – time to move on;  arboricultural futures;  special trees and public engagement;  rooting depth; topping is not all bad;  species selection;  the potential forbiochar;  Stockholm’s approach to planting;  antagonistic fungi;  tree risk management beyond the academic armchair;  TreeAH; TreeAZ;  and, TreeABC.

Passing on a lifetime’s wisdom in two days may be an unrealistic aspiration, but we’ll have a pretty good go!


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