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Post-Conference Arboretum Tour

Arboretum Tour: Spend a half day at the National Arboretum Canberra

Date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Time: 10.00am-1.00pm


9.30am   Welcome from Trish Keller, Chair, Friends of the NAC and introduction to the NAC by the Operations Manager, Scott Saddler, in the Terrace Room, with morning tea at 10.15am.
10.30am   Divide into groups for tours of different sections of the Arboretum, with expert Guides and Arboretum staff.  Approximately 1 hr per area, with a swap over at 11.30am.  Among the Forests that could be visited on the routes to demonstrate different management approaches are: 

  • Two forests of older trees planted by Walter Burley Griffin 100 years ago, Forest 1: Quercus suber, Cork Oaks, and Forest 11: Cedrus deodara, Himalayan Cedars, to provide a view of long term forest management.  
  • STEP: The Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park that replicates the eosystem of the Southern Tablelands with plantings of trees and shrubs, herbs and grasses.   
  • Forests illustrating successes and problems identified in the strategic review of the whole of the Arboretum carried out in late 2015 by South Australian Botanical Consultant Mark Richardson, who was also involved in the initial selection of species and plantings. 
  • Forests 98/99/100: The Australian National University Research Forests, with plantings of Corymbia maculata (spotted gum) and Eucalyptus maculata (red ironbark) and managed under different watering regimes.    
  • the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection with a talk by the Curator, Leigh Taafe.

 Return to Village Centre, inspect the new Gallery of Gardens and the water-wise Discovery Garden.
1.00pm   Return to city or stay for lunch at the Sprout Cafe at own expense.

Cost of Visit: $35.00.
Transfers to and from the Arboretum and lunch are at your own expense.

To book, make sure you mark '1' in the box for yourself (and/or a friend?) in the Field Trip section in the Online Registration Form.


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