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Urban International & Australian Speakers

Jeremy Barrell
Managing Director of Barrell Tree Consultancy, UK

Title: Arboriculture: Smarter thinking for a brighter future

Tom Ogren
Author, Speaker, Pollen-Allergy Researcher, Creator of OPALS, USA

Title: Allergy-Friendly Parks, Schools, and Urban Forests for Australia

Jan Davis
Assistant Director Cooperative Forestry – Oversees the USDA Forest Service National Urban and Community Forestry Program

Title 1: USDA Forest Service -- Stewarding a Nation’s Urban Forests

Title 2: USDA Forest Service – Applying Science and Technology to Grow our Urban Forests

Matthew Wells
Urban Forester for the City of Santa Monica in California, USA

Title 1: Sustainable Urban Forest Management – Turning Rhetoric into Reality

Title 2: Effect of Pruning on Mature Urban Tree Condition and the Occurrence of Limb Failure


Johan Ostberg
Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SWEDEN

Title 1: Ecosystem disservices – when people turn against the trees

Title 2: Urban Tree Inventories – Think twice before you start and how an inventory can be a key to a better species distribution


Dan Lambe
President of the Arbor Day Foundation, USA


Keith Sacre
Arboricultural & Urban Forestry Director, Barcham Trees Plc UK

Title 1: Arborcheck System

Title 2: Beyond the Nursery Gates: Is the current position taken by tree nurseries out of date in the context of urban forest management. A detailed look at the approach of one nursery and its work in attempting to becoming central rather than peripheral to urban forest management.


Tom Smiley Ph.D.
Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, USA

Title 1: Tree drilling and the spread of decay – a look at decay spread associated with support cable (flexible brace) installation and decay spread associated with drilling to detect decay. 

Title 2: Root and stem cutting and its impact on tree stability – looking at individual root removal and linear cut and stem notching to simulate cankers/decay and how it affects stability.


Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D.
Research Social Scientist University of Washington, College of the Environment School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, USA
Title 1: The U.S. Urban Forestry Action Plan 2016-2016: A Review of Research Needs 

Title 2: 
The Importance of Trees in Urban Transport Infrastructure


Dr. Greg Moore
Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Title: The effects of paving surfaces and planting orientation on street tree growth and injury

Antony Rivers
Senior Arborist at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, NSW, AUS

Title: A review of research on endophytes, emphasising their relationship with trees

Lyndal Plant, Ph.D.
Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, University of Queensland, QLD, AUS

Title: Toward urban forest diversity: Do residents tolerate mixtures of tree species within streets?

Phillip Russell
Urban Forester, Urban Sustainability at City of Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Title: Valuing trees in the City of Melbourne

Associate Professor Cris Brack
Fenner School of Environment & Society College of Medicine, Biology & Environment Australian National University, ACT, AUS

Title: Not going with the flow: Normalising an urban forest


Commissioner Judy Fakes
Commissioner of the NSW Land and Environment Court

Title: NSW Land and Environment Court

Geoff Connellan
G & M Connellan Consultants

Title: Urban forests: Where is the water coming from?


Simon Leake
Principal Soil Scientist & Director at SESL Australia

Title: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Soil in the Urban Environment

Dr. Angus Carnegie
Senior Research Scientist in the NSW Government Department of Primary Industry’s Forest Science Division

Title: Biosecurity of peri-urban trees


Dr. Mick Blake
Director of the Biosecurity Centre of Excellence

Title: Ecology in the disturbed environment

Mark Hartley
Senior Consulting Arborist at The Arborist Network, NSW

Title: Fungi

Please note that some presentation titles may be subject to change without notice.


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