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Tudor Insurance Australia

Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd is pleased to be able to offer quality insurance cover to its members through Tudor Insurance Australia.  Be sure to quote your Arboriculture Australia™ membership number on all forms to get the special Arboriculture Australia™ rates and cover.

As you will now be aware Arboriculture Australia™ has now entered into an arrangement with Tudor Insurance Australia and QBE Australia to be the preferred supplier of your Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances.

To obtain a quote please complete this proposal form and return it via email on or by fax on 03 9707 4568.

All insurance business will now be transacted directly between yourself and Tudor Insurance Australia and all documentation will need to be forward directly to their office and not via Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd.  The reason Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd are not able to be directly involved in the transaction for your insurance is because they are not licensed to do so under the Financial Services Act.

Both QBE and Tudor are proud supporters of Arboriculture Australia™ and our industry and in recognition of this they are paying a percentage of your premium to Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd to help fund the Administration Office thereby offering you, the members, a better service.  Arboriculture Australia™ has also negotiated with Tudor Insurance and QBE for a better member insurance package.

Some key benefits of this package are

Payment of legal fees out side of the sum insured on your professional indemnity policy.

An Aggregate limit of indemnity that is double the limit of indemnity on your professional indemnity policy – i.e. under your current policy you may have a limit of $2,000,000 any one claim and in total for the 12 month policy period. Our policy gives you a limit of indemnity of $2,000,000 and one claim and $4,000,000 in the total 12 month policy period.

Cover for bodily injury as a result of the advice given under your professional indemnity policy.

Retroactive date on your Professional Indemnity Insurance to provide you with “no gap” in cover should a claim be lodged against you for an incident that occurred out of advice you gave prior to joining the Tudor/QBE/Arboriculture Australia facility that you were not aware of.

A dedicated team of insurance professionals at Tudor Insurance to deal with your needs rather than dealing via the Arboriculture Australia™ administration office.

Please be aware that Tudor/QBE can provide all types of insurance for your business from Motor Vehicle, Plant and Machinery, Tools or Trade, Personal Accident and Illness and Office or Workshop insurance as well as all of your domestic insurance needs at reduced rates due to the buying power of our facility.

Should you have any queries in relation to this please contact:

Cameron McKerchar
Teresa Scott
Mark McNamara
Donna Glenton

T: +61 3 9707 3033
F: +61 3 9707 4568


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