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Arbor Guy employees are selectively chosen for their relevant qualifications and expertise. Continuous training in all areas of the industry is pivotal in ensuring that our methods and techniques are always up-to-date and compliant with Australian Standards. The Company also subscribes to several industry-related memberships which further increases its knowledge and competency in providing specialised arboriculture procedures and treatments to leave trees healthier, safer and more aesthetically pleasing.
Arbor Guy has Cert II, III and Diploma in Arboriculture qualified Arborists who can: complete any scope of tree work; offer sound advice on tree care; develop Tree Management Plans for tree managers within a company/agency; offer solutions for health, aesthetics and/or safety issues; and plot marked trees on surveys. It is Arbor Guy’s guarantee to have at least one of these qualified Arborist on site at all times to ensure each tree is thoroughly assessed from a professional point of view, to carry out the best and most effective solution for the client.


Our equipment is all owned by the Company and is state of the art in the industry.  The equipment is maintained on a weekly basis ensuring optimal performance with minimal impact on the environment and guaranteeing safety and longevity.
All of our operators are fully trained and qualified to perform each task efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.
We have a wide range of equipment including elevated work platforms (EWP) in varying heights, smaller to large trucks and chippers to ensure we can access any space, a large fleet of chainsaws in different models, stump grinders and vehicles to ensure we are well equipped for any variation of works requested.  In our fleet we also have teli handlers, skid steers, a horizontal grinder and excavators which keeps subcontracting costs to a minimum as we have all the necessary equipment in-house.


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