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AusGrass, Grasses of Australia USB Flashdrive **LAST ONE IN STOCK** - Member Price

Catalogue Number: 9780643068612

- Arboriculture Australia Member Price

AusGrass is the largest and most comprehensive identification guide to a plant group ever published. This product has been updated to use the Lucid software version 3.5. Using either interactive or dichotomous keys, AusGrass enables quick and accurate identification of any of the 1323 species of grass, native or naturalised, growing wild in Australia. This powerful identification tool can be used with living plants or dry specimens, even when they are not in flower or fruit.

Provides an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive fact sheets for each species, including a botanical description, notes on distribution and taxonomy, as well as images including diagnostic line drawings, scanned specimens, photographs and stereomicrographs.



  • Interactive identification of many grasses to subspecies or variety
  • Fast navigation between taxa using hyperlinks
  • Over 4000 photographs and illustrations, including more than 1400 maps
  • Browse species by species name, genus name, common name or synonym
  • Comprehensive glossary of terms and an extensive list of references
  • More than 220 characters to aid accurate identification 


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