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Speciality Trees

Speciality Trees Company Profile

With over 40 years in operation, Speciality Trees is a longstanding supplier of advanced tree material to the landscaping industry and an advocate of the benefits of planting more trees for healthier urban environments.  Sharing the benefits of trees is our ambition. Developing great trees is our passion.

Quality & Accreditation

Industry accredited, our material is produced with the highest respect to environmental standards.

We are an accredited nursery under NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) with an ongoing accountability in the quality of all stock entering the nursery and in our processes around formative pruning, root pruning, tailored growing media, irrigation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  With the inclusion of EcoHort, we are charged with environmentally managing our inputs and outputs with minimal if no impact on our community. Growing to Australian Standard AS2303:2018, we welcome inspection of our material at any time.

Our Range

Carrying over 330 lines of native, deciduous, evergreen and screening trees in multiple sizes suitable for commercial and residential projects, we pride ourselves in producing quality material, focusing on the optimum development of a trees structure and root ball to ensure the best planting results.  With 60,000 units currently on the ground across 3 sites, we are well positioned to supply all your tree needs. With the recent addition of a third growing site at Benalla to service regional Victoria and southern NSW, our capacity will continue to grow as we lay down further infrastructure.

Contract Growing, Pre-grow & Forward Ordering

If you want to be true to your design and minimise the hassle of sourcing stock at the last minute, let us grow the material for you in advance. Ordered a season ahead for retailers, 6-12 months out for landscaping projects and 12 months to 2 years and ongoing for large scale developments, we offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet your project needs, including provenance contract growing if required. Talk to us today about contract growing and we will present hassle-free terms and reporting processes that that will take the pain out of green life supply.

Extended Horticultural Expertise

Ensuring you are supplied the right trees to suit your needs and planting conditions to perform is very important to us. With a strong service culture, Speciality Trees can offer design consultancy, site inspection and post planting support if required.  Whether part of a contract grow situation or purchased on-spec, our material will be strong, true to type, healthy and pruned appropriately for long-term performance and sustainability.
Of course, proof is in the pudding. Visits to our nurseries are always welcome and encouraged to view our quality stock and to discuss your needs in more detail.  We look forward to assisting you.

Speciality Trees

1060 Wellington Rd, Narre Warren, Victoria 3804

100 Boundary Rd, Narre Warren East, Victoria 3804

1317 Mansfield Rd, Benalla, Victoria 3672

For all sales, tree inspection and site visit enquiries, please contact:

03 9796 8308


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