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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Arboriculture Australia Ltd.

We are the peak national organisation promoting and representing tree workers, arborists, professional tree management and urban forestry throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


Please take time to browse our site and gain knowledge on the living asset that we live with daily.

2017 Conference Registration 2017 Anniversary ConferenceRegister here for the 2017 Anniversary Conference

2017 Anniversary ConferenceFor more info, please see our Events Page


  • Australian Capital Tree Community Climbing Championship 2017

    • Friday 5th May: Gear check at Kingston Pub
    • Saturday 6th May: Preliminaries at Telopea Park and presentation to follow at Kingston Pub
    • Sunday 7th May: Masters with presentation to follow
    For more information please email:

  • Banking details

    Dear Valued Members, please be advised that the bank details on the membership renewal letter for EFT transfers are missing a digit. The correct details are:
    NAB Glynde SA
    BSB: 085 245
    A/C: 74 949 5383
    Your understanding is appreciated and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • 2017 Conference!

    2017 20/30 Anniversary Conference

    View more details here

  • Congratulations to our climbers

    Congratulations to our climbers for competing in the 2016 APTCC Masters' Challenge. You've done us proud!
    Women - 
    Maja Blasch - Arboriculture Australia
    Men - 
    Jamie Boston - Arboriculture Australia
    Terry Boston - Arboriculture Australia
    James Gigliotti - Arboriculture Australia

  • Press Release: National Licensing Scheme

    Helping to make your workplace a better place: Introduction of a voluntary industry specific National Licensing Scheme

    Click through for more...

  • Constitution document

    Dear Members,

    It has recently been brought to our attention that the version of the Constitution on our website was not correct. We have now uploaded the most recent version of the Constitution. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

  • ISA TRAQ Workshop - Canberra

    There will be a TRAQ workshop during our 20/30 Conference next year. Details are as follows:

    Dates: 28th-30th April 2017
    Location: Canberra Convention Centre

    Registrations are now open! Click through for details.

  • Advertise your job vacancies here

    Looking for the best person for the job? Advertise your vacancies in our Employment section. 

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  • Save The Date!

    20/30 Anniversary Conference, Workshops, Trade Exhibition & Australian Tree Climbing Championships 2017 - 28 April to 2 May 2017

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We have created a online directory for Australian Consulting and Practicing Arborists, please click the link below to view and search the directory.

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