Organisational Structure


The Executive Committee is formed from the three principle parts of the association.                    
All members of the Executive Committee have one vote (excluding the Advisors).

This committee is charted with the review and implementation of the strategic plan for the association nationally.  This committee provides cross communications between committee charters and to assist each other to ensure that the goals of the association are achieved.

All decisions of the EC must be ratified by the Board.

The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Directors
  • All Chairpersons of Standing Committees
  • Advisors (non-voting)

The Standing Committees undertake or supervise the core operations of the association. Committees can be added to this level at the discretion of the Directors when needs arise. 

Each committee must adhere to their specific approved charter.  At times the Chair of a committee will need to work with other Chairs as some responsibilities may overlap.

The Standing Committees consists of:             

     » Download the Australian Capital Tree Community Committee Structure and Policy here 
     » Download the Northern Territory Arboricultural Association Committee Structure and Policy here 
     » Download the Tasmania Arboriculture Association Committee Structure and Policy here 

  • Utility Arborists Association Australia (UAAA)

     » Download the UAAA Committee Structure and Policy here 

Industry and Special Purpose committees have a specific focus on an industry sector or function.  
Generally these committees would not require face-to-face meetings to conduct business and may only meet as required via teleconference or email.  

The Board may appoint Special Purpose committees for specific industry needs.

The Industry and Special Purpose committees consists of:


If you are interested in being part of a committee, please download the nomination form and relevant documents below:

Key documents (Click to view/download PDF):

  • Director’s, Advisory Member and Committee’s Hand Book
  • Committee Structure and Policy (please refer to individual committee names below)
  • Confidentiality agreement - Director position
  • Confidentiality agreement - Committee Chair and Committee member position
  • Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Administration Office Policy on Reimbursement Requests

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