Branched Out

The Arboriculture Australia Branched-Out event is an international, open format, freestyle tree climbing competition aimed at including the whole tree climbing fraternity from all corners of the globe.  

A statement from the ever creative and fantastic volunteer logistical and technical team

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our arboriculture community so we have made the difficult decision to cancel the world's largest and richest tree climbing sporting event this year - Branched Out 2020.

We are so very disappointed. We believe the new, exciting format planned for 2020 event is more exhilarating and heart-stopping for competitors and spectators. You will have to wait a little longer to gain this unique experience with the world's largest and richest tree speed climbing sporting event now planned for October 2021.

Branched Out 2021 will see 200 climbers competing in the world's most exciting tree climbing competition. Tickets will go on sale around May 2021.

Remember, 2019 sold out weeks before the event and many of you missed out. Climbing order in the preliminaries will again be reverse order of registrations, so get the advantage and register early.

Branched Out will return in October 2021!


Branched Out first ran in Balranald NSW, in October 2017 with 63 tree climbers from around the world competing.

In September 2018, Wellington, NSW the Branched Out event grew to 100 climbers entering for the event and the prize pool exceeded all other tree climbing events in the world at value of AUD75000 making the second Branched Out event the largest and richest tree climbing event in the world.

In October 2019, Branched Out was held in Kapunda South Australia which drew the largest amount of climbers ever seen for a tree competition (155) with climbers from 14 countries competing.

Branched Out is now known as the largest and richest tree climbing event in the world and it all happens in River Red Gum trees along a watercourse in Australia annually.

Event organisers, Arboriculture Australia have consistently hand-picked locations in rural and regional centres of Australia that have endured difficult times such as drought, a loss of a key industry that employed many locals or a town that needs to be put on the map.  The focus of taking the event to regional areas of Australia is to showcase our industry, but more importantly provide a unique opportunity to residents in these communities which they would never have thought they would have the opportunity to experience locally.

At each location, Arboriculture Australia™ engages with local not for profit organisations and allows these groups to provide all the services required to deliver this massive event, such as catering, security, first aid, camping sites and other key logistical services needed to deliver a world class event which raises money for their community to be spent on the community. 

In 2017 it was reported by the local municipality that Branched Out event contributed $250,000.00 to the Balranald economy.  In 2018 Branched Out contributed over $300,000 to economy of Wellington.  2019 being the largest event to date has been reported by Light Region Council to have injected over $400,000 in to their community.

This event continues to grow each year and has become a memorable experience and gives regional communities great event, but allows our industry to have a most enjoyable time while doing what we love and that is caring for trees.

You never know where we may take the event next year, so if someone strolls into the local council asking specific questions about some massive trees in your town, it could be one of the Branched Out logistics team.

Branched Out 2019, took place from 17th to 19th October 2019 at the Davidson Reserve, Kapunda, SA with Scott Forrest from New Zealand crowned the 2019 Branched Out winner and scooping a share in $75,000 worth of prizes.

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Branched Out 2018 was held in NSW

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