Tree Anatomy Workshop 2020

Shigo’s famous touching trees workshop has been given a new lease of life by Mark Hartley and Adam Tom who are Australia’s renowned subject matter experts.

Arboriculture Australia is delighted to announce a new three-day workshop on Tree Anatomy is planned for 2020 and will be available to book as part of an impressive line of education planned for the upcoming Arboriculture Australia national conference in May 2020.  

The Tree Anatomy workshop is in high demand wherever it is delivered around the wold, so save the dates and secure your seats early because tickets sell out quickly

More details about the workshop will be announced soon, however, suffice it to say you can expect a sleeve rolled up, hands-on laboratory exploration about how trees work. It’s a once in a lifetime workshop that you won’t forget, and will be one of the most important investments you will make in your continuing education.

You will develop a three-dimensional cellular understanding of trees that many arborists lack. You will gain the skills to prepare samples and leave with practical exercises you can use on your own and with others.

If you diagnose tree problems, assess development impacts on trees and/or prune trees, understanding their inner workings will help you to make better decisions.

By dissecting and examining samples and using prepared slides, you will:

  • find and identify many of the common cells found in trees
  • gain a better understanding of roots and how they work
  • develop an understanding of how xylem functions in 3 different planes
  • discover how CODIT really works
  • observe how vessels interact around the branch collar and how this influences how we prune.
  • touch and examine unusual and specially selected samples
  • get intimate with trees like you never have before


Here's some feedback from past workshops.

“Best workshop I’ve ever been to.”

“Thanks for such a well presented 3 days. Alex would be proud of you!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed ……… I have been looking forward to this class for 3 months and it exceeded my expectations.”

“Comforting to know arboricultural practice is in such good hands.”

“Felt like I was in college again except this time I wanted to be here!”

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