2022 VTIO Women’s Climbing Workshop

15 - 16 October 2022 - Geelong

The 2022 VTIO Women’s Climbing Workshop, a free event, is an informative and interactive training day for women currently working in the arborist industry, or interested in exploring potential workplace opportunities in allied industries such as tree canopy access for environmental practices, research or recreational purposes.

Experienced and qualified tree climbers lead activities ranging from a basic tree climbing through to more medium and advanced climbing techniques, including:

Proper use, fitment and inspection of equipment.
On the ground presentation implementing a range of climbing gear, harnesses, rope and hardware. Examples to be given of when to retire equipment, what types of damage and degradation to look for and are common with each piece of equipment and equipment type.
Common fault with equipment to be covered such as sticking carabiners and the industry best practices to remedy faults referencing manufacturer documentation such as DMMs resources on cleaning carabiners.
Textile inspection, webbing sling material information such as a maximum allowable damage threshold (10%) along with climbing rope inspection including prusik cord. A wide array of rope constructions and materials are to be covered with examples (to be presented and provided my myself)
Life support suitability will be covered referencing minimum industry standards, common mistakes and incorrect use of equipment such as screw gate carabiners.

Assessing tree structure for climbing
Overview of tree structures and common tree forms with a discussion on species, long and short fibre species and structural features of trees including stems, branches, branch attachment, union strength, union characteristics, defects/features, common failures and suitable tie in points.
Physics of tie in point selection and practical demonstration to better explain key concepts. Basic introduction and explanation on static vector forces and how they apply to trees.

Climbing systems
Demonstrations of equipment and explanations of how they can be best deployed in work place situations.

Safe use of techniques and equipment
An overview of tie in point variations for both SRT and DRT, possibly split these up into dedicated DRT and SRT sections. Redirects, forces involved, relate this back to assessing tree structure for climbing. Retrievable systems.
Multi point anchor systems
Correct lanyard use and alternative techniques such as tail dragging, single lining a lanyard, multi point lanyard.

Emergency Management
How to prepare your team to respond to an emergency.
Rescue from heights.

Business and employee management
Talks from business leaders on running a business and managing relationships as a business leader.

Body and mind health
How to prepare your mind and body for a long life in arboriculture.

Support for women in the allied green industry
Leaders of Encouraging Women in Horticulture Australia will speak to challenges faced by women on the industry and the benefits of being involved in a support networks available in the horticulture sector.

Participants have an opportunity to engage in a free climb activity in a safe learning environment to improve their tree canopy access skills.

The workshop offers an open and inclusive environment for all women, regardless of ability, to either learn basic skills or improve their canopy access techniques to minimise the risks associated with tree climbing.

Participants must bring:

  • own personal protective equipment (helmet, eyewear and gloves)
  • appropriate climbing clothes and shoes (see climbing guidelines link)
  • water bottle

Please note:

  • Morning tea and lunch provided.
  • Participants arrange own transport and accommodation. Local accommodation providers will be available soon.

VTIO would like to thank the City of Geelong for supporting the 2022 Women’s Climbing Workshop.

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