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3-series eMIS (Practicing Arb) - 1yr subscription

3-series eMIS (Practicing Arb) - 1yr subscription

Get a one year subscription to the full Series 3 suite of electronic MIS for the practicing arborist - only $10/month for members!


$99.00 for Members

Annual subscription for the Series 3 full suite of 'practical level' electronic Minimum Industry Standards.

Please note that a monthly subscription option of $10/month (members) or $13/month (non-members) is also available.

To set up a monthly subscription, please click 'add to cart' and checkout. You can select either annual or monthly subscription during the checkout process.

Monthly payment process

This digital bundle includes all of the published 3-series MIS:

  • MIS300 Safe Tree Work
  • MIS301 Arborist Knots
  • MIS302 Arborist Ropes
  • MIS303 Tree Dismantling
  • MIS304 Aerial Rescue
  • MIS305 Tree Climbing
  • MIS306 Tree Inspection for Access and Work
  • MIS307 Crane Use for Tree Work
  • MIS308 Tree Pruning
  • MIS309 Equipment Inspection
  • MIS310 Tree Support Systems
  • MIS311 Stump Grinding
  • MIS312 Environmental Arboriculture
  • MIS313 Tree Health and Maintenance
  • MIS314 Utility Tree Work
  • MIS315 Chainsaw Operation and Tree Felling
  • MIS316 Chipper Maintenance and Operation 

With the full suite of practical-level eMIS on your phone or tablet, you and your team will be able to access the information you need wherever you are. 

  • Use the MIS as a foundation for simple, useable SWMS and SOPs: reference the MIS instead of describing tasks in detail.
  • Share with new staff members to help get them up to speed with industry practices.
  • Easily communicate your work methods with other stakeholders, for example contract managers, site managers or HSEQ representatives.
  • Be confident that the work methods you're using are industry ratified and and align with best practice.


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