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Weeds of the South-East: An Identification Guide for Australia 3rd edition

Weeds of the South-East: An Identification Guide for Australia 3rd edition


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Authors: FJ Richardson, RG Richardson, RCH Shepherd A fully updated comprehensive identification guide for weeds in the south-east region of Australia. This third edition of the bestselling has been fully updated and re-organised to recognise recent taxonomic changes and includes additional species and photographs. The book includes weeds of agriculture, bushland, waterways, gardens, roadsides, wasteland and amenity areas, as well as new and emerging problem species and is illustrated with more than 3000 photographs including spectacular close-up shots. Key features are described with relevant measurements for easier identification and comparisons are made to similar species and easily confused natives. The book can also be used to discover situations where the species are likely to be found with distribution by State using the latest herbaria records. Written in easy-to-understand language and beautifully illustrated, this is a field guide for anyone interested in the identification of pest plants and the preservation of our native flora. An essential tool for community land and bush care organisations, local and state government weed officers and advisers, rangers, agronomists, agriculturists, survey and identification botanists, horticulturists, landscapers and gardeners.

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