At Citywide, our vision is for everyone to live and prosper in healthy,safe, sustainable and vibrant cities and communities as our cities grow into the future.

Since 1995, we have been delivering the full suite of Tree and municipal assets management and maintenance services to both government and private enterprise. Collectively, our services positively impact more than 13million Australians every day.

Citywide’s arborists have unparalleled expertise and knowledge and demonstrable capability in delivering integrated trees, open space and parks services to local governments across Australia’s eastern seaboard, with a significant footprint covering Melbourne’s metropolitan councils.

Our arborist team manage hundreds of thousands of tree assets for dozens of municipal and commercial customers every year; motivated by collaborative relationships with customers, best practice service innovation and a track record of relevant achievement.

We take a ‘total tree life-cycle’ approach to the care and curation of trees under our management, utilising the passion of our people and their intimate working knowledge of the landscape, varied tree species and their specific requirements.

Our values define our character. They guide our actions and how we behave. And, they help us to achieve our shared goals and aspirations.

Citywide cultivates an environment where our people want to work for the greater good of our customers and host communities.  Our teammates believe that what we do matters; an internal brand culture mindset driven by a passion for their vocation and the satisfaction of serving their communities, alongside friends and peers who share many common bonds and industry connections.

We Care is the way we think about the safety, health and well being of our people, the Australian public whom we serve and the natural environment in which we work. Operating safely in the public domain is paramount to us. Similarly, we recognise our responsibility to do business in a sustainable way that protects and improves the state of the environment for future generations. 

Taking responsibility for doing what we say we will do for our customers is another of our core values at Citywide. We seek to own the problem and solution, starting by asking: How can we help and how can we do things better?

Our focus is also firmly on delivering best practice services with the goal of supporting our customers to securing the outcomes they seek for their community constituents and stakeholders.

Accepting innovation to be generally defined as “different thinking” or “change that adds value”, our people push the boundaries in pursuit of hi-tech and lo-fi solutions – be they process changes, service or marketing solutions, change management or business improvement practices; all of which can be just as effective in achieving business objectives.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, we constantly seek to re-imagine solutions to problems and challenges confronting our customers by considering what different products, services or technological platforms will help our customers achieve their goals. 

Citywide is once again proud to be supporting Arboriculture Australia and amplifying the organisation’s goals through initiatives including industry licencing and Minimum Industry Standards. 

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