ETS Infrastructure Management

ETS Infrastructure Management is the market leader in vegetation management services within the electrical distribution industry. ETS and the Australian utility industry have a long standing business and working relationship in excess of thirty years. Over this period ETS Infrastructure Management has emerged as one of Australia’s largest Vegetation Management Company’s with over 900 field personnel, covering Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, ACT, and Queensland.

One Heritage One Culture
By providing quality service to our customers, ETS has steadily grown over the years, strengthening our expertise, resources and equipment.

The Managing Director, John Wallace commenced ETS operations in 1985 and offers extensive experience in all facets of arboriculture services and has successfully managed long term government contracts and many private sector jobs. He has a strong personal commitment to all clients and has an outstanding reputation within the industry for delivering excellent service at a cost effective price.

John’s business philosophy of focusing entirely on the clients needs is a part of our ETS heritage and is well entrenched in the ETS culture. As the Managing Director and owner of ETS, John takes a personal interest in ensuring this philosophy is carried through all of the organisation’s operations.

Our Services
Some of our core services include:

  • Vegetation management
  • Easement clearing
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Network maintenance
  • Asset management

ETS  specialises in Vegetation Management however in recent years we have extended our range of services to include Electrical Services, Fleet Services and Be Safe Traffic Management.

Vegetation Management
This is the largest ETS division and includes cutting, pruning and removal of trees and other vegetation primarily around power lines.

Electrical Services
Electrical Services includes work related to electrical assets such as meter reading, meter service repairs, over headline maintenance, street light replacements and assisting with the National Broadband Network roll out.

Fleet Services
Fleet Services is responsible for the vehicles and equipment used by other divisions. This includes design, procurement,servicing and repairs, insurance, fuel, electrical testing and all workshop related activities. Fleet Services is also a specialised EWP repairer for many outside companies.

BeSafe Traffic Management
BeSafe provides traffic control internally to ETS as well as externally to a variety of clients.  

Our Experience and Reputation
ETS provides vegetation management services over a large range of locations and situations throughout Australia.  In order to address the variable range of locations ETS has developed specialist equipment, skilled personnel and specialist skills.

ETS has a major competitive advantage in the industry due to its capability and capacity to deliver services to regional and remote locations throughout Australia. Combined with appropriate supervision and management, ETS can offer a service unsurpassed by others. ETS has an impeccable record that is attributed to our management system, processes, training and commitment to quality, safety and the environment. ETS firmly believes that our quality of work is superior and represents a long-term value outcome for our clients.

Our People
The vegetation management industry is a labour intensive industry, therefore it is imperative that ETS employees are appropriately trained and have the right attitude to ensure the optimum result for all clients.

We stand above other service providers in the range and quality of the training provided to our employees. ETS provide compliance training, training in risk assessment, front line management and performance management on all levels.

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