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Thoughtplanters are an RTO specialising in provision of training & assessment to the Arboriculture, Power line Vegetation Control and Amenity Horticulture industry sectors. We train from the grass roots up, working directly with industry and also with educational partners, government agencies, not-for-profits and standard setting bodies.

We also write curriculum and training resources for our clients.
Thoughtplanters currently provides training,assessment and resource writing throughout Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia.

Our current scope of qualification delivery in Australia is:

  • AQF qualifications
    • UET20312 Certificate II in ESI – Powerline Vegetation Control
    • AHC20510 Certificate II in Arboriculture
    •  AHC30810 Certificate III in Arboriculture
  • AQF units of competency
    • AHCMOM213 Operate & maintain chainsaws
    • AHCMOM304 Operate machinery & equipment
    • AHCPCM201 Recognise plantsAHCPCM203 Fell small trees
    • HLTAID001 Provide CPR
    • HLTAID003 Provide 1st aid
    • PUAOHS002B Maintain safety at an incident scene
    • RIIMPO318F Skid steer loader operations (Conduct civil construction)
    • RIIMPO320F Excavator operations(Conduct civil construction)
    • RIIWHS302D Implement traffic management plan
    • UETTDRRF01B Apply ESI safety rules,codes of practice & procedures for work on or near electrical apparatus
    • UETTDRRf03B Perform EWP rescue
    • UETTDRRf06B Perform rescue from alive LV panel
    • UETTDRRf08B Perform EWP controlled descent escape
    • UETTDRRf09B Apply access procedures to work on or near electrical network infrastructure
    • UETTDRRf10B Provide 1st aid in an ESI environment   
  • Non AQF training
    • Close Approach Vegetation Control(CAVC) – (Essential Energy / Endeavour Energy)
    • Electrical Safety Rules refresher course (ESR) – (Essential Energy)
    • Effective supervision / introduction to leadership

Thoughtplanters Foundation Certificate in Arboriculture

This course is a 2 week pre employment block course to assist employers and the industry to get new entrants into arboriculture. Training will be working towards an AQF qualification but not assessed until a later date. The students will get the required knowledge from units of competency, then seek employment and once the have gained experience in the field (collecting evidence in a work diary), they can be assessed to the requirements of the relevant units of competency once a workplace verifier deems them ready for assessment.

Topics taught include, safety at work, site set up, groundsman duties, using tree climbing equipment, operate& maintain chainsaws, wood-chipper operation and other items relevant to employers (can be tailored to fit a specific employers needs)

Recognition of Prior Learning

  •  RPL is relevant for you if you have undergone training during your career, but don’t have a recognised AQF qualification.
  •  RPL is done at Thoughtplanters using a well thought out procedure that includes:
    • Initial mapping of your evidence - RPL matrix
    • Review of evidence using our RPL Guidelines
    • Production of evidence portfolio
    • Final assessment and award

Our training partners

  • Vegetation and Arbor Training Services, NSW/SA
  • DNA Training Solutions, VIC
  • Urban Forest Training & Consultancy, TAS/QLD
  • Treescape,QLD

For information about our services, or enquiries about partnership with Thoughtplanters please contact our CEO, Trevor Gardiner on:

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