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Arboriculture Australia™ is the peak national body for professional tree workers, arborists, tree managers, urban forestry workers and utility vegetation managers across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Supporting the arboriculture and vegetation management industries during the Coronavirus 

Arboriculture Australia will support and inform our industry as best we can on impacts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you, your families and businesses will be safe, calm and patient during this time. We remind you that you are not alone, but part of a wider arboriculture community, which must work together and support one another - not just offering help, but knowing when to let others help you.

conference update The 2020 National Conference and ATCC has been postponed due to COVID-19.
COVID-19 and tree work Arboriculture Australia is collating and sharing information regarding the impact of the virus on tree workers and businesses.


Arboriculture Australia™ is a registered not-for-profit, membership-based organisation with its administration office located in Adelaide, South Australia. A huge number of volunteers contribute to the organisation, through state-based or special-purpose committees and as volunteer directors of the association. 

Arboriculture Australia™ supports members from every facet of the industry through a number of initiatives, and is firmly focused on raising standards and safety. The organisation shares a global responsibility to raising the public awareness of the importance of trees in our society. Arboriculture Australia™ is the organiser of world class events such as the Branched Out climbing competition, the annual national conference and a range of other training workshops and industry networking events. Arboriculture Australia™ administers the Australian Arborist Industry Licence program and is the publisher of The Bark™ and the Minimum Industry Standards series. Arboriculture AustraliaTM aims to make the industry larger, safer and more rewarding.

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New Release - MIS 308
New Release - MIS 308

MIS 308 Tree Pruning - get your copy of the latest MIS today!

National Conference & ATCC 2020
National Conference & ATCC 2020

Arboriculture Australia™ regrets to announce that the 2020 National Conference and the Australian Tree Clim...

Branched Out 2019
Branched Out 2019

The Arboriculture Australia Branched-Out event is an international, open format, skills based, free style tree cl...

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